Reasons to Attend


5 Reasons to Attend

  1. An event specifically for Baby Boomers Born Between 1946–1964 where no other event of its kind is geared specifically to your active lifestyle as you enjoy your financial independence.
  2. Featured Seminar Sessions… A place to “Ask Questions”… “Get Answers” from respected professions as they share their insights and experiences to help educate you in the challenges faced as you prepare for retirement and care for your family and elderly love ones.
  3. Maximize growth for the 2nd half of your life. The more you learn, the more you can assess recommendations and maximize results for you and your family
  4. Prepare for the future. Boomers revolutionizing the way business is done today. Get a glimpse of what’s ahead to facilitate long range goals and a better understanding of our Healthcare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in how it will affect you. Plus, today’s technology – Social Media, and how it can affect you.
  5. Meet other Baby Boomers. An opportunity to network, exchange ideas and build relationships.