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Death Benefits

Social Security and Death Benefits

Baby Boomers Social Security CardIn the event of the loss of a loved one, the Social Security office in your area should be notified as soon as possible when a person dies. In many cases, the funeral director will report the person’s death to Social Security. *You will need to furnish the funeral director with the deceased’s Social Security number so he or she can make the report.

Check to see if some of the deceased’s family members are able to receive Social Security benefits if the deceased person worked long enough under Social Security program to qualify for benefits. Get in touch with Social Security as soon as you can to make sure the family receives all of the benefits to which it may be entitled. Continue reading

Social Security

 Two Spousal Social Security

Claiming Strategies

Under the new law taking since April 30th, 2016, a spouse cannot begin receiving benefits until the worker is actually receiving benefits, too. Workers can still file and suspend, but spouses (or other dependents, including minor and disabled children) cannot receive benefits during the suspension. The new law does not affect workers who have already filed and suspended benefits. Workers who are at least 66 or will turn 66 before the effective date of the law may still file and suspend in order to trigger benefits for their spouse. Continue reading