Conference Overview



An Event for Baby Boomers

Born from 1946-1964

Why are we Producing this Conference?

The Bergen “50plus Lifestyle” Conference & Expo provides a unique forum for today’s Baby Boomers, a generation that are caring for their family, careers, and aging parents.

The event is to help educate boomers in the changes taking place that will effect the second half of their life as they Plan for Retirement, Live a Healthy Lifestyle, understand Elder Law issues, how Caring for Aging Parents will affect them, and everything in-between.

It’s the Place to “Ask Questions” and “Get Answers”

The conference offers…

To fill a niche where no other event of this kind is geared specifically to Baby Boomers and older Seniors
Educational Seminar Sessions coming from well respected professions in business, medical, and other industries that will connect with our generation of Baby Boomers and older Seniors
Bring together a group of the most respected Speakers from various disciplines and backgrounds covering topics that is meaningful and valuable information this age group is interested in.
Provide relevant tips and ideas to live by – as Boomers take care of their family, home, finances, health, aging parents, and so much more…
Bring together a group of Sponsors and Exhibitors who want to work with you, help you, and provide the best products and services for you.
Most of All − To help you stay Active, Healthy, and Wise! Let’s Face It… Boomers are Ageless!