Let’s Face It! We’re Ageless…

Boomers are Active…Healthy…and Wise!

Baby Boomers – You are a generation with heart, a generation that is stepping–up and recognizing that you can leave the world a better place for your children and grandchildren.

Our Magazine provides timely information through articles written from industry leaders of their expertise that matters on Health, Family, Retirement Planning, and Care for Aging Parents, to help map a new landscape for your second half of life.

Content creation We build our editorial around true problems facing our generation with a solution format in an educational manner. We work with industry leaders to pinpoint the most pressing problems facing our target audience (baby boomers) and provide practical guidance by positioning our advertisers as the specific solution providers.

We keep our readers turning the page by placing educational content with value that is important to your lifestyle and include photos with eye contact and heart! We also make sure our publications are full of ideas and resources – the type that keep you coming back for more as you continue to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

The “50plus Lifestyle” magazine is for both men and woman and offers something for everyone. For more information or to subscribe for a copy contact