Media Page - Bergen 50plus Lifestyle expo

Media Registration

Thank you for your interest in attending the Bergen “50plus Lifestyle” Conference and Expo.

We invite qualified members of the media community to join us with complimentary registration and admission to our keynote speaker and select conference sessions with show management approval.

You may register through Email or On-Site during Registration Hours as follows:

Pre-Registration: Deadline is October 10th, 2014

Qualifying Media −

Only commercial news organizations qualify as media. You must submit a PRINTED copy of your telecast, on-line or print publication with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity.

In order to register as media, we require that you submit a letter from the publisher (on letterhead) stating that you are covering Bergen “50plus Lifestyle” Conference on assignment, or a current contract.


Sunday   October 19th, 2014   10:00AM – 4:30 PM

Credentials are required for on-site registration

•   Provide copy of your photo ID
•   Provide copy of your Business card w/ name, Editorial title, and media outlet’s logo…
•   Provide copy of a current masthead, which clearly displays your name and editorial title or …
•   Provide a by-line industry-related article written by you within the last three (3) months

If additional information is needed to confirm your press credentials, a member of DJM Associates public relations staff will contact you directly.

Please Contact DJM Associates at (917) 723–5030 if you have any questions.