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The Baby Boomer “Sandwich” Generation

Born 1946–1964

Feeling Younger… or Are We Fooling Ourselves?

The media has portrayed the Baby Boomer Generation in many lights. With increased educational, financial, and social opportunities, the boomers were often portrayed as a generation of optimism, exploration, and achievement. Compared with previous generations, more baby boomers pursued higher education or relocated away from family to pursue career and educational interests.

During the late 1940’s and early 1950s, post–war optimism inspired a sense of stability, opportunity, and prosperity–values commonly held by the middle class. This was the dawn of space exploration, accessible to long–distance travel and prosperity for many Americans.

Over 78 Million Baby Boomers tackled the civil and women’s right movement and ushered the country into the digital age of communications and entertainment media. We demanded better health care and automobiles that are more efficient. We work alone and worked together to influence both our neighbors and our political leaders. Our list of achievements over the past 60–plus years is undeniably remarkable.

Baby Boomers “Never Just Migrated through Stages of Life”, We always transformed as we went, and we are not going to grow old like any other generation before us.

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Let’s Face It! We’re Ageless…

Baby Boomers are Active…Healthy…and Wise!