Safety Tips for Family Pets

Helping Your Pet… Beat the Heat!

 Keeping Your Family Pet Safe in Warmer Weather

Sunny, warm days brings the opportunity to change up your routine and spend more time outdoors with your beloved pets. However, soaring temperatures bring risks from heat and sun exposure, making your furry friends rely on you to help keep them healthy and safe.

Make these warm-weather adjustments to keep your pets in top condition and ready to enjoy all the season has to offer with these safety tips.

Keep Pets Hydrated: Dehydration and heatstroke can be fatal to pets, so access to a clean water bowl, both inside and outside that is critical in the summer time. While on the go, be sure to bring water for your pet to drink.

Protecting your pet is crucial whether the temperature rises or falls throughout the seasons. Just listen to any news reporter especially in warmer weather informing pet owners to never leave their pet in a car, yet drive in any shopping mall you will still find a pet owner leaving their dog in a parked car with windows slightly open.

Yes, we want our pets with us as we run errands, and our pets love hanging out with us – but when warmer weather approaches it’s better to leave our pets at home even on a warm cloudy day!

Never, Never… Leave Your Pet in a Parked Car: Leaving pets in the car “Just for a Minute” is never a good idea. The temperature inside a car can reach more than 160 degrees in less than three (3) minutes. Think about it, sit in your parked car without the air on, windows cracked open slightly, sun beating down, (even a cloudy day), how would the heat affect you?  Leaving the windows cracked for fresh air or parking in the shade does not keep temperatures from soaring in record time! – If you see a dog in a parked car in warmer weather, my advice is to call the Police or Animal Control to report the dog in car and make sure to write down the make, model of car, color, and license plate number. This may save a dog! 

Groom Regularly: One of the best ways to keep a dog’s coat healthy and help prevent matting and summertime skin irritation is regular grooming. The right grooming tool can dramatically reduce shedding by removing the undercoat and loose hair without sacrificing the healthy top coat.

Provide Skin Protection: Like humans, dogs can experience sunburn and even skin cancer. To prevent sunburn, apply a sunscreen where hair is thin and skin lacks pigment (nose, ears and sensitive areas) when your dog is outside.

Avoid Hot Surfaces: Dogs’ pads may seem tough, but sidewalks, pavement and sand can get so hot in the summer that dogs’ feet can burn and blister. To prevent this, schedule walks for the morning or evening, when sidewalks are cooler, or purchase protective boots designed just for dogs.

Practice Smart Snacking: After exercising and in between meals, a sensible snack can provide a boost of energy. Treats such as Natural Balance Dental Chews do double duty by giving a little help with oral care between brushing. Scientifically formulated with unique grooves, these tasty treats encourage natural, healthy chewing to help reduce and remove tartar and plaque.

Provide Outdoor Relief: The best spot for your pet to cool off in the yard is a shaded grassy area because grass releases moisture and keeps your pet cooler than concrete, dirt or gravel. For added comfort, provide a raised bed that increases the flow of cooler air underneath the bed mat to help your pet beat the heat.

Keep Water Safety on Top of Your Mind: Even if you consider your dog a good swimmer, a life jacket is very important if you take him camping with you near a lake, on a boat or trips to the beach.

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