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How to Stage Your Home with Color

Experts say that staged homes sell faster and for higher prices than those that are not, and paint color is a low-cost but effective way of showcasing your home.

Neutralize: The colors potential buyers see when they enter your home should be neutral so that the buyers will not be distracted by someone else’s style. They should see the walls of your home as a blank canvas on which to project their own preferences and style. But “neutral” doesn’t necessarily mean white. Using subtle color can actually enhance the buyer’s experience, so repaint walls that have strong colors with rich neutral hues.

Update and Refresh: If your wallpaper has a distracting design or is outdated, remove it and add a fresh coat of paint for a more current, updated look. A low-sheen product will help reduce the imperfections on walls and ceilings. You can also use color to highlight the architectural details and features of your home.

Maximize Your Space: Light, clean, organized spaces appear larger. So clean and declutter, and give your walls a fresh coat of paint in a light neutral color to bring the room to life and make it seem more expansive. One home staging idea that can help expand your space visually: paint the moldings the same color as the wall, which gives an illusion of higher walls.

Refresh Outside Spaces: First impressions are everything, so besides trimming your hedges and grass, be sure your front door and any fencing or mailbox posts are freshly painted. And because buyers love decks, porches, and patios, also make sure they’re freshly painted or stained.

Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way:

*Give your bathroom the relaxing, rejuvenating feel of a spa. With soothing bathroom ideas such as a large mirror creates the feeling of spaciousness. A few simple accessories will create a spa-like retreat.

*Does your kitchen have shiny brass light fixtures? If so, updating these can instantly make your home look more current and stylish. Lighting stores offer a wide variety of stylish and affordable choices in popular finishes, such as stainless steel or oil rubbed bronze. Nothing can make a kitchen look worse than cluttered countertops. But when it comes to storing necessities or displaying decorative items there often is no other spot. Instead, exposed shelves give your kitchen a more updated look and an open, airy feel.

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