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A Taste of Mediterranean

In ancient Greece, the olive tree was said to have been created by the goddess Athena and was considered so esteemed that only “virgins and chaste men” could tend the groves. Moreover, olive oil was so precious in ancient antiquity that the winners of the Ancient Olympic Games were crowned with wild olive leaf wreaths and given amphorae filled with precious olive oil.

Laconiko, gets its name from the region of Greece, where the Pierrakos family’s private live estate is located – Laconia. In ancient Greece, Laconia was the principal region of the Spartan state and today Laconia’s capital is Sparta.

Laconiko is “superb quality extra virgin olive oil produced by a limited amount of olive trees.” They are able to achieve such quality because they do not mass produce, but rather focus on using quality processes resulting to an award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Laconiko Olive Oils – Won a Silver Medal at the Los Angeles International – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition (2013, USA)

Selection of their 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with it’s other flavors that include Garlic, Basil, Rosemary, Chive, Black Truffle, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Red Blood Orange. Mix and match from your choice of any five of their infused oils and save!

 Garlic – Award Winning 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with an amazing garlic flavor and aroma. It is great with pasta, salads, a marinade or on any recipe where garlic is an ingredient including shrimp scampi, garlic mashed potatoes, etc. Give it a try and you will taste the difference.

Basil – This flavorful herb is fantastic on salads, pasta, grilled vegetables and even great when making fresh pesto or a traditional tomato and mozzarella salad. Delectable taste cooking with your favorite beef or chicken dish. Your kitchen will be filled with the scent of fresh sweet basil.

Lemon – Your mouth will burst with the exquisite taste and flavor of their Lemon-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is excellent when combined with vinegar as a vinaigrette dressing on your salads, drizzled on steamed and grilled vegetables (e.g. asparagus, zucchini, and green beans), and for marinating fish and chicken. Using Laconiko Lemon-infused will make you feel like you picked and squeezed fresh lemons on your dish.

Orange – infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With just a hint of freshly-squeezed orange, this is great on summery salads, baking pound cakes, or on any exotic dish that requires the flavor of fresh oranges such as orange-peel chicken.

Rosemary – Tasting this luxurious Rosemary-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil will make you feel like you added fresh rosemary from your garden to your dish. The fresh scent will fill your kitchen with warmth. Your taste buds will have a feast when you use our Laconiko Rosemary-infused olive oil for marinating pork, roasting chicken, and even better on lamb chops and red meats. For all you vegetarians out there, this is a magnificent addition on oven roasted potatoes.

Blood Orange – If you have not tasted the true natural flavor of Blood Orange-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil this will be a complete treat. Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the perfect hint of a freshly-squeezed Blood Orange in each bottle. It will make you wonder how this ever escaped you.

Black Truffle - Is made from the highest quality olive oil infused with clean, concentrated black winter truffles. Wonderfully earthy, it is heaven when used in risotto, pasta, soups, steaks and burgers or egg dishes. – Drizzle over fresh mozzarella pizza, or fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. This will go great with any of your dishes to give it that amazing luxurious earthy taste. (Photo not shown)

Visit  Laconiko Olive Oil website for a location near you or to make a purchase online at: Feel free to contact them by phone at (703) 868-7586 or send an Email to: